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Muhammad Khan Hajj Services is a Quetta, Pakistan based company serving all over Pakistan for last 12 years by maintaining a label of excellence and persuasion to its clients. This organization arranges assembled pilgrimage for people toperform the sacred responsibility of Hajj at Saudi Arabia with in suitable and affordable tour packages. Organization is an authorized company by the Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia and Ministry of Religious Affairs, Pakistan for visa endorsements. The company was established and approved by states and Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan under the section 32 of the companies ordinance, 1984 (XLVII), on the name of MUHAMMAD KHAN HAJJ SERVICES (PRIVATE) LIMITED by the year 2005 and was allotted Registration NO: NO: 0051317. The organization has been allotted quota for Hujjaj more than 1300 since year 2005 and it has also made pilgrimage successful by providing friendly and home essence atmosphere.

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